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Aroma Massage


Rejuvenate your Senses with a Blissful Aroma Massage

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our exceptional full body and face, Aroma Massage. Designed to cater to your unique needs, this rejuvenating treatment offers a variety of pressures to choose from: relax, moderate, or intense. Say goodbye to stress and tension as our skilled therapists use natural apricot oil and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs to create a truly blissful escape.

Our full body and face massage is more than just a pampering session; it's a transformative journey for your mind, body, and spirit. Allow the soothing touch of our expert therapists to melt away your worries and transport you to a state of pure tranquility. Whether you seek deep relaxation, muscle relief, or an invigorating experience, our massage options will cater to your desired outcome.

Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere as the aromatic scents of the natural extracts gently envelop you, providing a sensory feast for your olfactory senses. Feel the tension release from your muscles as the therapeutic benefits of the apricot oil seep into your skin, leaving it nourished, hydrated, and glowing. This delightful combination of natural ingredients is carefully selected to promote overall well-being and enhance your massage experience.

Tailor the Aroma Massage to Your Preference and Discover the Perfect Pressure

We understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to massage pressure. That's why our full body and face massage offers you the freedom to choose from three distinct pressure options: relax, moderate, or intense.

If you're seeking a gentle and soothing experience, our relax pressure option is perfect for you. It allows you to unwind and release tension in a serene and tranquil ambiance. You'll feel your worries melt away as our therapists employ gentle strokes and calming techniques to lull you into a state of deep relaxation.

For those looking for a balanced blend of relaxation and invigoration, our moderate pressure option provides the ideal middle ground. This choice offers the benefits of both relaxation and deeper muscle relief, targeting specific areas of tension to provide a thorough and satisfying massage experience.

If you're in need of a more intense and invigorating massage, our intense pressure option is designed to deliver a deep tissue experience. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic muscle tightness or those seeking a more vigorous release of tension. Our expert therapists will apply targeted pressure and techniques to alleviate deep-seated muscle knots, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Why Choose Our Aeonian Aroma Massage?

Personalized Experience: Our full body and face massage allows you to customize your treatment by choosing your preferred pressure level. This ensures that you receive a massage tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Natural Ingredients: We believe in the power of nature to enhance your well-being. That's why our massage incorporates natural apricot oil and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs. These carefully selected ingredients provide multiple benefits, including hydration, nourishment, and a sensory delight for your senses.

Professional Therapists: Our skilled and experienced therapists are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. They are well-versed in various massage techniques and will ensure that your experience is both relaxing and therapeutic.


Treatment Details

  • Duration 60'
  • TAGS Spa, Massage